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20 Songs for Scarlet

On Saturday evening 14 November we shall, once again, be presenting 20 Songs for Scarlet at the Alphington Wetlands. This is not a fund raising event but intends to keep our Fund community aware of whats going on and through music celebrate the life of Scarlet. The 2013 event was a huge success with many of her friends giving their time to perform on the night.

We are looking for performers for this year. We are really after only one or two songs each for this fun night. Some refreshments will be served. If you would like to perform or help in another way we’d love to hear from you.

May 2015 update…


As part of Simon’s Master in Social Investment and Philanthropy we have been thinking hard about the real objectives of this fund.

We have worked on a theory of change: what impact do we think the fund can have and how do we best achieve that?

Here’s a summary of that intention.

Scarlet’s Fund supports young peoples’ engagement in creative projects (including music, publishing and environmental projects) in developing communities. By increasing confidence, skills and empathy through arts projects young people build their capacity to contribute creatively to a just world in ways connected with Scarlet’s name.

The support for Eliza to undertake a small project while travelling in India (see below) provided a great opportunity to support that community and also harness her enthusiasm to give her time and skills to those children.

Over the coming months we shall create a small advisory board for the fund who will be responsible for the giving of grants and also to organize future fundraising and community awareness events.

Saturday 14 November we shall host the second 20 songs for Scarlet – a community event for our friends celebrating her memory in music. Watch this space for more information.

In the meantime it’s the end of the financial year ands so now is a great time to make a donation to the fund. All donations above $2 have tax deductible status. You can donate via the link above – just look in the drop-down box for Scarlet’s Fund on the Australian Communities Foundation donation page.


Lives in Himachal Pradech with Eliza Herbert

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Scarlet’s Fund is delighted to have been able to support Eliza Herbert to run a small book making and publishing project in India. She said ‘I encouraged them to write books about their lives in Himachal Pradech so they all created books about loving India, about Thalli and Suni the local towns, and included India flags and flowers and things. There were 25 kids from grades 6,7 and 8… They told me that they have never done anything like it before, that they never use colour at all, they have no scissors, no glue, no pencils etc. Even though it is supposed to be one of the better schools in the region.
The worst part is that I couldn’t leave the stationary I bought with the school because the teachers apparently take them home for themselves and do not give them to the kids. So instead I am going to give them to the charity Asra that was started by Kelly’s friend Puran (the family that I am staying with). They are running a number of programs for poorer kids in the area and were delighted at the idea. I feel that the gifts will go to much better use this way and the kids will actually get to use them.


We are so pleased Eliza was able to undertake this work. This is a wonderful project for Scarlet’s Fund as it supports creative engagement with children, in a developing community and also helps empower Eliza to undertake such work. Well done Eliza – thanks SO much!!

Launch of Scarlet’s Fund at Cranlana on 15 November 2014


It was a great night at Cranlana – thanks everyone for supporting the event.

Supporting In My Kingdom and Bor Orphanage

Scarlet’s Fund has contributed to this exciting new publication and our friends at BOCEP posted this on their FaceBook page:
It is with great excitement that we announce the upcoming release of our second book titled ‘In My Kingdom’, which follows on from ‘Donkeys Can’t Fly On Planes’.’In My Kingdom’, is a collection of stories told with clarity and integrity, as viewed from the frontline. The tales encompass the trials and tribulations of contemporary Africa: the famines and poverty, the impact of war, the pain of loss and displacement. They include accounts of epic treks to a new life, and of years endured in refugee camps. Yet in its colour and scope, and its vibrant presentation, it is infused with a sense of hope and celebration.
There are tales of loyalty, hard work, and tales that evoke the enticing waters of the Nile River, stories of transformation and adaptation to new lives, and of profound ‘nostalgia’: literally, the pain of longing for the return.
We thank the amazing team at Kids’ Own Publishing who continue to empower children, families and communities from diverse cultural, social and linguistic backgrounds to share their stories. Victoria, Anna, Ailsa, Sarah, Sara and team you are all wonderful!

Books should be available for sale in the next couple of weeks and at $20 would make a great Christmas gift.


Scarlet’s Prize winners!

Scarlet's Prize winners!

Scarlet’s Prize provides an opportunity for local young musicians to play their music in public. The winners after two heats of six bands was the five piece Limited Express!
They will perform at Music from the Wetlands and receive two hours of recording studio time! All the six bands were great but Limited Express took the prize with their infectious and savvy set of covers.

Line-up for “20 Songs for Scarlet…because…” announced!

because invite


Saturday 16 November ….  doors 6pm….. starts at 7pm

The big marquee, The Alphington Wetlands, 1 View Street, Alphington, 3078.

An informal evening of music and stories to celebrate Scarlet’s love of music and to raise awareness of Scarlet’s Fund.

We have a wonderful MC in Josh Earl … and music featuring… The Perch Creek Family Jug Band, Andrea Keller, Bigmouth choir, The Parkside Music Experiment, Jeremy Woolhouse, Leah Senior, Aaron Silver, Oli Dear, Cam Lopez, Sienna Thornton, Georgia Spain …..and more….

Follow this blog to stay in touch with our news…

Hope to see you there!

Supporting a volunteer for Performers Without Borders…

We’ve made a small contribution of $88 to a young man raising funds to go to Nicaragua with UK charity Performers Without Borders.  “Without fundraising I will not be able to afford this trip. The money raised here and through cash donations at events will pay for my travel, accommodation, and food. Any extra money raised will simply help to make PWB’s projects more effective!”

See more here:

Twenty songs for Scarlet … because…


a music concert…

Saturday 16 November, Alphington Wetlands, 1 View Street, Alphington, Victoria 3078

Come one, come all!

An informal evening of music and stories to remember and celebrate Scarlet’s love

of music and raise some awareness for Scarlet’s Fund.

Gate opens at 6 and sound will start floating around at about 7.

Dancing and music making as the night grows old is not required but encouraged if so

desired hopefully around a bonfire (weather permitting).

Oh and bring a picnic supper to share/byo booze.

We shall have some collection buckets for the fund on the night so bring some spare cash…

Please email us if you are planning to come…

Support for new publication “Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes: Stories of Survival by South Sudanese refugee children”


Scarlet’s Fund has provided some support for the wonderful “Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes” publication and initiative. You can find out about the project at and you can buy a copy of the book at


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