May 2015 update…


As part of Simon’s Master in Social Investment and Philanthropy we have been thinking hard about the real objectives of this fund.

We have worked on a theory of change: what impact do we think the fund can have and how do we best achieve that?

Here’s a summary of that intention.

Scarlet’s Fund supports young peoples’ engagement in creative projects (including music, publishing and environmental projects) in developing communities. By increasing confidence, skills and empathy through arts projects young people build their capacity to contribute creatively to a just world in ways connected with Scarlet’s name.

The support for Eliza to undertake a small project while travelling in India (see below) provided a great opportunity to support that community and also harness her enthusiasm to give her time and skills to those children.

Over the coming months we shall create a small advisory board for the fund who will be responsible for the giving of grants and also to organize future fundraising and community awareness events.

Saturday 14 November we shall host the second 20 songs for Scarlet – a community event for our friends celebrating her memory in music. Watch this space for more information.

In the meantime it’s the end of the financial year ands so now is a great time to make a donation to the fund. All donations above $2 have tax deductible status. You can donate via the link above – just look in the drop-down box for Scarlet’s Fund on the Australian Communities Foundation donation page.


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