Summary of 2019 giving

© Girls Rock Melbourne

2019 was a year of consolidation and giving. Scarlet’s Fund hosted no fundraising events in 2019, instead regrouping with the support of the Australian Communities Foundation (ACF) in which the fund sits. The ACF gave our family the support and encouragement we needed to lay out a longer term plan for the Fund and clarifying a giving strategy over the next few years. As a consequence of this in 2019 Scarlet’s Fund made four financial donations. The intentions of the fund were established very soon after Scarlet’s death and in 2019 we have realigned the giving strategy with the help of her sister Georgia, to better represent the issues she felt Scarlet would be passionate about now. This does not mark a major change in direction rather a better nuancing of the grants we give.

As a consequence of this in 2019 Scarlet’s Fund made four financial donations. In 2019 the Australian Communities Foundation made the following grants on behalf of Scarlet’s Fund.

Documentary Australia Foundation: For the following films from the Stories With Impact event on 3 April 2019: Geeta ($500), The Lake of Scars ($500), Backtrack Boys ($500)   

Human Rights Law Centre: Staff salaries on the ‘All Schools Same Rules’ joint campaign with Equality Australia  ($2,000)

Margaret Tucker Hostel For Girls Inc: – supports homeless Aboriginal young women ($2,500) 

Girls Rock! Melbourne Inc: Amplifying the voices of female, trans, and gender diverse youth through music education and positive mentorship. ($2,500) 

In addition we hosted Jet Kye Long, awarded the Scarlet’s Fund residency for the Flinders Quartet composer project, in residence at 1450 for a week – see here

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